Marvin Nonis Interviewed at Sofia Fashion Week

Marvin Nonis - the designer who loves women

The eighth edition of Sofia Fashion Week is already in history, but the echo of the reviews continues to excite us. Among the guest-designers of the fashion forum was inspiring Marvin Nonis - creative director of Marvin Nonis brand, which impressed guests and me with attractive outfits sculpted to the last detail, some of them created especially for the Bulgarian scene. After the event, the colorful designer shared his impressions of his visit to Bulgaria and expressed a strong desire to be part of the forum again.

Here's what Mr. Nunis told us about the inspiration, the difficulties in the way and the advice he has received from the big in fashion:

Marvin, I know you're in Bulgaria for the first time. How do you find the country and the people you had the chance to meet here at SFW? Are the Bulgarians enough modern and stylish enough?

You are wonderful! The people with whom I had the opportunity to meet and work here and the organizers are incredible. The colleagues I have seen are talented, ambitious, ready to take risks and take over the world of fashion.

You travel a lot, where do you think women are the most stylish?

Oh, fashion and style have no limits. Everywhere in the world, I have the opportunity to work with stylish women. I do not want to specify. We live in a global world in which information tends to reach everywhere very quickly. Today people are very smart. The new generations that are coming are better, braver, more ready for any experiments. And to me I like it very much.

What is your first fashion memory? When did you decide to become a designer?

Oh, a long time ago. Maybe at about 10 years of age and maybe because of my mother. I kept wearing some dresses, which made her exclaim one day: You will become a designer! So it was.

What is the best part of being a designer?

The best thing is that you can work with really special women who have the opportunity to do even more special.

And are there any unpleasant moments in the designer's professional life?

No, I do not believe! I am the few lucky ones who work in this beautiful world. There is nothing I do not like in my profession!

If you have to describe your brand in three words, who would it be?

Stylish wear for every moment of women's life. Daily wear, business and elegant visions, as well as clothes for the most special and formal moments in the lives of ladies - all these women can find at Marvin Nonis. And everything, everything is done with a lot of love. Women are so important and special.

I know that, except for women, you do collections for men. Which is harder to create clothes for men or women?

Oh, the men are much simpler and easier to settle for. Women are much more complex and complex. Respectively, to create for them is much more difficult, but also very inspiring. Women are my inspiration.

And in all this fashionable and interesting mix of colors and lines how did the champagne appear?

Champagne is my newest and favorite project. Champagne is the compliment, the wonderful end of every special moment of life for men and women for whom I create fashion. What's better than a cup of quality and sparkling champagne for special moments in life.

The best advice you have received over the years?

You know, the best advice I've received from the people I've admired most over the years. With Carl Lagerfeld we are from a city - Hamburg. I had the opportunity to touch this genius. The advice I have received both from him and the other designer who I really like, Giorgio Armani, is to be uncompromising in terms of quality and line.

Your advice and wishes to women in Bulgaria?

Staying so wonderful and not afraid to experiment!

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