Marvin Nonis UK Featured at Sofia FW

Marvin Nonis UK is a brand established in 2016 with a mission. We believe that starting each day with intent can lead to days that pass by focusing on life with intent.

We want to inspire our customers to lead a better, healthier life by encouraging people around them to do the same.

Everyone has the power to change the world simply by changing the world around him. This is done through small changes. The feeling of being more empowered to move around the world with grace and beauty shows others that they can do the same. Being more polite and loving about people around you inspires them to share this tenderness with the rest of the world. At the same time, defending yourself and those who are less able to do so brings an important change in the world.

Appropriate clothing that flatters the figure and raises your self-confidence can be a bumper against the world around you. It can support your mission to do better while protecting you from penetrating the colder, ugliest aspects of the world. You feel strong and confident with a shield as you move around the world. Without this inner faith in yourself, you are just another person who does everything possible; with this shield, you become invincible.


Thank you to Sofia Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019