Marvin Nonis Long Blue Dress and Black Waistcoat

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Marvin Nonis Long Blue Dress and Black Waistcoat

Floaty, boho chic and smart, impeccable tailoring have been perfectly paired in this ensemble. The long, free-spirited dress offers a feminine expression — enhanced by the delicate lace trim that appears incrementally down the body. The lace pattern defines boho with its central floral shape that is encased by delicate fringing.

Marvin Nonis, who is renowned for his inimitable refinement, elevates this outfit with the addition of the sophisticated black waistcoat. This somewhat androgynous edit transforms the entire look and is a contemporary and innovative success. The slender cut highlights and compliments the silhouette. The tulip cut at the extremity of the vest further accentuates the waist and the pockets that overlay this section add further depth to the design.

All in all, this is the perfect outfit if you're looking to achieve an effortlessly chic vibe.