Grey Jacket, Black Dress, and White Shirt

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Grey Jacket, Black Dress, and White Shirt

The black dress, white shirt, and grey jacket have all the features of a business outfit. They also come together with great style that goes way beyond the office. The black dress is made in a straight, dropped waist-style that flows into a short, gathered skirt. The large scoop neckline gives way to the white shirt, giving you room to wear the collar open and extended up toward your face. You can also turn it down in a more traditional style. The white shirt also has long sleeves with wide cuffs that reveal underneath the jacket sleeves.

The grey jacket completes the look in a traditional suiting fabric. It is fitted with a tailored that makes it look like it was made just for you. Double-stitched pockets adorn each side in the front, with a double button closure in the centre front. A generous lapel completes the jacket, giving you the ideal spot for a decorative pin or brooch. The jacket him falls just inches short of the dress hem, letting the black contrast show beneath the jacket.

The black dress, white shirt and grey jacket make a striking outfit that takes advantage of neutral colours. Keep it simple or add a splash of colour to make it your own.

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